About Blair Todd

While not frequenting the latest DC eats and sports stadiums, Blair Todd is the Principal and Co-Founder at EverForward, a Human Resources agile consulting company focused on real time employee-centric technology and strategies.

Over the past 15 years, Blair notably enhanced organizations’ strategies around compensation programs, employee engagement, talent management, performance management, and organizational development. Her portfolio demonstrates significant reduction in employee turnover, increased employee satisfaction scores, positive headcount trends and truncated time-to-hire. These exceptional outcomes catapulted multiple organizations, under Blair’s people & culture leadership, to appear year after year on Washington Post’s top workplaces, a list specifically based on the highest ratings of employees in the DC area.

Blair’s passion for deciphering the most effective way to motivate employees began in her college years while moonlighting as a field hockey coach. Blair found pride in encouraging and cultivating a growth mindset in each of her high school athletes.

While in grad school, her affection towards education and mentoring led her to teach evening Communication courses at George Mason University and Germanna Community College. As an instructor, Blair focused on engaging students to discover and invest in their passions.

At Washington Consulting, now Alion Science and Technology, her attuned mentor developed her operations role to focus on people and culture, collaborating on the answers to the all too familiar question, “Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 years?” Since then, her daily goal is to pay this engagement and fulfillment forward with each interaction.

Prior to co-founding EverForward in 2020, Blair held the role of Vice President, People & Culture at TeraThink, now CGI Federal. As a strategic leader, Blair expertly led all things people throughout multiple mergers in the company’s expansion. She drove TeraThink’s organizational growth and philosophy of putting employees first.

Blair earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from University of Maryland and a Master’s Degree in Education & Communication Studies from George Mason University.

Blair loves spending time on her porch swing with her daughter and boxer mix rescue dog (who is convinced that all 60 lbs of him is a cozy lap dog). Her favorite local travel spot is Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, especially over July 4th, where fireworks over the Atlantic Ocean and glow stick necklaces are an irreplaceable tradition.

Unlike her namesake Blair from “Facts of Life” (yes, it’s true!), Blair fervently believes the facts of life for a healthy and successful organization revolve around motivating and engaging employees to be their best version of themselves.