About Courtney Bristow

While not running (either to train for marathons or after her three children), Courtney Bristow is the Principal and Co-Founder at EverForward, a Human Resources agile consulting company focused on real-time employee-centric technology and strategies.

Courtney is one of the leading agile coaches and change agents in the DC area. She has led project delivery teams, implemented large scale digital transformations, coached many teams and organizations through agile adoption and culture change, and provided strategic guidance and solutions for business change.

Since Courtney can remember, she loves to learn and try new things, which she attributes to her father. From skydiving to shooting hoops to trying new foods, her dad always said there is a first time for everything. Her father took the famous quote from Helen Hayes, “Every expert was once a beginner” and wrote the book on Courtney’s adventures as a child, and her breadth of activities today.

Courtney began her nearly 20-year career as a consultant at Accenture. Here, coached by great leaders, she learned to develop people by empowering them to see their full potential. Her mentors taught her to accept new challenges in every role and project like her father taught her in youth.

Seizing new challenges and adventures, Courtney traveled as an Accenture consultant to Australia for a large telecom client. Courtney immersed herself in the culture. Courtney navigated remote deserts in Australia to expansive business and IT agile transformation projects. She discovered each day was an opportunity to bring the “continuous learning” mindset to both work and life alike.

Before co-founding EverForward in 2020, Courtney held the role of Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at TeraThink, now CGI Federal. In this role, she spear-headed the company’s agile competency and practice growth, piloted account delivery in the Homeland Security sector, and drove strategic initiatives to amplify TeraThink’s organizational, operational, and “people” capabilities. Courtney created a continuous improvement culture. This culture celebrated individuals operating at maximum potential, spurning high performing teams.

Courtney earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Marketing from Villanova University. She moved to DC after college (basically sight unseen), and met her now-husband a couple of years later. Together, they love to travel around the world as well as locally. Her happy place is a sunrise or sunset on the beach, usually with her dog and at least one of her kids or a good podcast to break the silence of the waves.

Courtney coaches both employees and employers to realize that through innovation and even small adjustments that it is possible to unlock significantly more production with meaningful results, even if the lean-in may be unnatural at first. Courtney, at her core, believes an organization’s biggest asset, their true differentiator, is their people — from their beginners to their experts.