Merger & Acquisition People-Culture Forward

Successfully fusing People & Culture

Merger & Acquisition People-Culture Forward

Successfully fusing People & Culture

The People & Culture component is often cited as a core component in due diligence, as retaining key employees is a visible metric and value creator from any merger. But, it can become a challenge when cultures have competing priorities or core differences. One of the most critical avenues to a successful integration is getting the people infusion right.

Why use the EverForward approach?

Turnover in the months to years after a merger can be dramatically reduced if the time is given to these most critical items. We apply our proven agile approach to prioritize the people-forward activities that have the most value and impact. During due diligence and throughout the integration, People departments have this overwhelming undertaking.

We partner with you to:
  • Help make the right selection of Newco’s Benefits, 401k plan, Perks Selection

  • Assess and implement Role & Career alignment and shifts

  • Evaluate existing Compensation Plans with your team, and implement the best one for Newco

  • Help with the Communication Plans and messaging to emphasize advantages for your employees

Merger & Acquisition People-Culture Forward


Fewer than half of PWC’s M&A survey respondents were successful at retaining employees through the transition.


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