Retention Forward

Implement solutions to reduce turnover

Retention Forward

Implement solutions to reduce turnover

All businesses deal with some version of turnover; it is a key metric to watch. But often an inflection point can call for time to analyze the current state of the company and how to retain its talent. We assess through multiple avenues potential areas for improvement and then start to devise changes that will result in a happier team. We don’t just provide solutions and ideas — we implement them. We provide the best possible strategies and tools of what works and how to best customize for your team. This provides the ability to continuously improve.

Why use the EverForward approach?

The result of our work to improve retention will be a happier, engaged team that rejects downtime and lost revenue. Investing in your people is not only right — it’s financially smart.

We partner with you to:
  • Implement or improve Stay Interviews to proactively learn about improvement opportunities and identify risks

  • Provide manager and executive coaching to enable managers to empower their team members, as a great leader can make all the difference

  • Evaluate Exit Interviews and avenues to best capture the most reliable data from outgoing team members and analyze opportunities for improvement

  • Implement ongoing feedback mechanisms and analytics, such as pulses of the team members, so you can proactively evaluate the insightful ideas and areas of concerns and show quick, meaningful action

  • Deliver customized solutions, such as virtual Onboarding/Orientation with a personalized approach to get it right from the start

  • Evaluate and implement the best platforms and tools for your organization for Rewards, Recognition, and Onboarding

Retention Forward


Turnover can cost employers 33 percent of an employee’s annual salary.


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